Friday, September 15, 2017

29th Birthday Blessings

Siphos Birfday


I was so excited when Alex came home from  his deployment.  I missed him so much!  I am forever grateful for him.  We instantly celebrated his birthday and he was so happy.  I did some random miscellaneous things, went on a hot air balloon ride, and surprised him with all his friends over dinner.   Oh yeah! We also went kayaking.  Man, he is spoiled… I can’t talk because he treats me like a queen daily... we had a good time! Xo, Kbye  

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Surround yourself with Love..

I went to Made In America!  It was an interesting experience.  I was happy to see Cardi, Solange, Maleek Berry, and Jay Z perform but I was not excited about the rain and wait times to use the restroom…you know I wrote a nice review haha!

I had such a good time with my family too.  Its crazy because my cousins have turned into my best friends and I know the advice and wisdom that they share are in my best interest…although we go at each others heads and jone! Lol I am so proud of Eric and Morgan, they both keep me grounded and when we get together its nothing but all smiles and real talks.  My peoples!  

We had way too much fun Labor Day weekend...😊😊

Praying for these hurricanes and those individuals affected… my baby is in Texas on his birthday and he wasn’t able to come with us to the concert but we will celebrate when he is done serving this country…. 

Lol.  I love you Tink, and I hope you have a beautiful 29th birthday my king. See you reaaaaaal soon. Xo, Kbye!


My blog, My world :)

Normally I keep my blog at a surface level but I feel like expressing myself on my blog is a beneficial thing to do.  Growing up, I had a best friend who is now deceased.  We were close friends, met in 6th grade and he was the first guy that ever bought me my first gift…It was so sweet!  He was as nervous as can be and said “Hello, I bought this for you” and I nervously said “thank you” giggled and took the gift.  It was my first jewelry box.  Since then, our friendship and bond grew all the way up until the day he passed.  We both went away for college but we always remained friends.  The distance didn't hold us back!  

However,…. There were times that he expressed to me that he wanted to be more than friends but I knew that we were not equally yoked. The things that I valued, he didn’t value.  I loved him, but I was never in love with him and could see myself marrying him.  What is challenging for me is the fact that there are outsiders today who he may have spoken to believing that I did him wrong simply by dating a mutual friend. Only my close friends know that this mutual friend and I went on a date before he passed. I don’t have to explain that to anyone. I will always love him as one of my best friends and he will still have a spot (through spirit) at my wedding.  However, we were nothing more than friends.  There have been individuals that have deleted me off Facebook, who have shared their unwanted opinions regarding my current love life but I writing this post to let somebody know that God has a path designed specifically for you and no one can block it.  Who cares what others think? Live your best life, laugh, fall in love, grow, and live in the moment.

I will always love you.. my friend!  I am forever grateful for our memories and laughs.  You truly impacted my life and I will never forget you.

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Spain...and France :)

Hey loves!

This year is off to a great start… I have the opportunity to study abroad!  I will be traveling to Spain and France in October and I am thrilled.  I am currently working with children with mental and behavioral disorders.   I am able to teach them survival skills that they can utilize in their everyday life.  These skills help children cope with their diagnosis. They’re able to take the learned skills and use them in different environments.
My purpose in life is to help others.. I knew my purpose ever since I was a child.  I have always worked in the helping field.. I was a camp mentor at the age of 13, a babysitter, and a conflict manager in elementary school.  I received my Certified Nursing Assistant license when I was in high school and my interest for mental health grew in college.  I want to be a light in this dark world.  I want to help others reach their full potential by teaching them skills that they can implement into their life.
By studying abroad, I will be able to see the world while learning about new cultures.  My goal is to retain as much information as I can, so that I can share with my kiddos a new way of living and perspective. 
I am also excited to learn a new style of education.  As you all know, I am in my Master’s program studying to be a Licensed Mental Health Counselor.  I would love to learn about mental health in both countries that I visit and would hope to take some techniques that worked for them back home so that I can teach it to my clients.   I will also teach the students over there some skills that worked for me J  

This trip will be a once in a lifetime experience for me, and I am praying that others will know my heart and will help me be a blessing to others.  I am trying to raise around 3,500 for this trip and I know with God, anything is possible. 

We should encourage each other to step outside of our comfort zones and learn new cultures..Pray for me, and I will pray for you if you will write your prayer request in the comment section! XO, Kbye! J

Road trip fun

Alex and I took a sweet road trip to visit his family and it was amazing.  We had a great time hanging out with his sister, her husband Nick, and the kiddos!  It was a nice time to get some fresh and air and spend some time with them.  The church service that we went to was POWERFUL.  That following week, I received a pay raise and Alex got 4 JOB interviews.  Our God is amazing!  Just wanted to share this tid bit of my weekend :)

Friday, January 6, 2017

2017....the year of my 10 year HS reunion. wow!

2017 New year resolutions.

Grow more with God
Study harder in school
Shadow other social workers
Excel in all my businesses
Tone my body and abs
Fast more
Focus more on all my relationships