Thursday, March 15, 2018


We have 2 more weeks left and we will be out of first trimester!  Wow, how fast time flies.   It's so much easier to think about each trimester being 13 weeks total.  It also helps me think about the process of my body changing and how big you're getting each trimester.  Tink, I can already tell that you're getting bigger.  My tummy is becoming more round and I am still feeling the symptoms of my hormones changing. 

Symptoms of week 10:

Currently, mommy is experiencing acne for the first time of my life.  I am still experiencing tender boobs and it is still difficult for the water pressure to hit my chest in the shower. Ouch!  Mommy is working on not being so moody with others but tink, its hard:) pray for me!  My appetite is off, I don't really crave meat but greens and sweets are my go to! yikes.  Luckily, nausea has passed! Although, I didn't experience much morning sickness. I am CONSTANTLY tired, even when I go to bed early too!  Between me and you, Tink, I think you're a boy and I will LOVE you no matter what.

Like woa

I got a phone call right after our ultrasound and it was my nurse telling me that all my results came back perfect.  However, the radiologist saw a potential fibroid in the picture.  I was a wreck for a couple of days but then I realized that our God is a great God and he has blessed us by placing you in my womb.  Cast all your fears on him and thats exactly what I did.  The doctor wanted to meet with us and she told us more about the fibroid and my uterus and basically told us that the fibroid will not affect the pregnancy as the fibroid is on the outer layer of my uterus.  She had no concerns or worries and we were blessed to hear the news.  It's amazing how things can frighten us and how quickly we jump into panic mode but then God restores us and leaves us with more faith than before.  We serve an awesome God! I learned a lot about fibroids, and it makes sense considering my cycles used to be so BAD!  I also learned that most women have fibroids in the inner layer of the uterus and typically have to have a C-Section.  I was glad to hear that it was common and that you're growing as healthy as can be. 

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Oldie but Goodie

We got our first ultrasound at week four (although we are 10 weeks today).  It was my turn to cry since daddy cried like a big cute baby after reading the pregnancy test…but tink,  I cried like a baby at your first ultrasound.. the fact that your heart beat was so clear and the rate was 120 at 4 weeks was amazing.  I was nauseous from about week 3 to week 6 and then it went away. Mama still had to deal with some other symptoms and still dealing with them but they’re getting better.  I figured I would be the first one to post your cute leeetle selfie.  I can’t wait for you to read this one day and hopefully pass down to your children J


You're my sunshine, my only sunshine

Although I have been knowing about you for quite some time now, mommy wanted to share with our blog readers that we are expecting you this October 7th. I am so excited to meet you and I know you’re going to be an amazing addition to our family.  I can see your little button nose, chubby cheeks, chunky legs, and dimple in your cute leeetle face now.  I can’t wait to hold you and smell you and love all up on you.  Daddy and I have been praying for you and we know that you’re going to be a follower of Christ.  We will try our very best to make you proud and to raise you in this world the best we know how.  We will teach you about safety and the importance of staying from all the violence in this world and how to protect yourself from others. You will be a light in this dark world and you will be blessed.  Daddy and I found out about you on January 28th.  Mommy was not herself, and lets just say daddy wasn’t either..haha!  I was extremely moody and my nips were sore when I showered.  I actually had to shower for a week covering my breast as the pressure of the water hurt mama so bad. I also had two crazy dreams that were not in my normal range of dreams…tink, ill be honest with you, mommy knew she was pregnant because daddy screamed extremely loud in the middle of the night and woke me up.  It was confirmation because of the dreams that I was having.  I was also moody and my premenstrual symptoms were nowhere to be found.  Daddy dragged mommy into Walgreens and purchased two pregnancy test and the results came out to POSITIVE:] Daddy came running out the bathroom with tears of JOY and I instantly yelled "I'm pregnant"?! I was too nervous to look at the results lol, but smiled so big once the excitement settled.  We are pregnant! AH

My emotions were everywhere.  I was happy, nervous, excited, overwhelmed but nevertheless, I was grateful and blessed that God saw me fit to be your mommy. It is perfect timing that you’re coming in October as I will be done with my therapy license and graduation will be right around the corner.  We love you, tink.  Keep growing healthy and strong in Jesus name!