Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Everyting good

The Point of our life is to be happy.


Life can be really interesting…as a child I always grew up thinking my life was going to go a certain way.  Whether that’s working in a hospital as a nurse, married at  a certain age, having and raising children by this age, making this x amount money at this age, and of course growing spirituality and striving to be Christ like.   Now that I am in my twenties, I look back on those days in awe because I am so content with my life now and the time frame God had for me with all those events....“We plan, God laughs” that quote is so true!!!  Seriously, there’s no point in planning how your life is supposed to go…the key is to strive for the best and grow.  Life is a journey and I am enjoying every moment of it!  Live each day to the fullest with no regrets.

Tid bits and updates on mah life..since I haven’t been blogging as much! I need to get better and I will.


Check out my hair… I had my girl put some highlights and I love it!   It’s a mixture of gold and blonde.

I went to Texas to celebrate my friend’s birthday and get away from nap for awhile.  It was a good time!



Still working out and dieting I mean “eating healthy because it’s a lifestyle” Lol.  I am happy because my shorts are easier to get into I am making progress! Woot woot.


Did I ever post pictures and tell you guys about Pensacola?  It was a lot of was a family vacation and Alex came along with us...we had a good time and just enjoyed being beach bums


Until next time! Kbye