Wednesday, May 15, 2013

feeeeling good

Life has been going so well lately!  Even though I suck at the photo challenge I still have been working out hardcore with Chris.  Mon, Wed, and Fri we do weights and tue and thurs we save for strictly cardio!  It feels awesome having his guidance while at the gym and actually having someone who shares the same values as you do!  Summmmer time FINE!  I started drinking protein shakes too!!! It will be beneficial. Comment and tell me how your workouts are going?! I would love to hear. 

123 FLEX

 I thought this picture was adorable and wanted to share them with you!  The best things in life are free and I love that.  I am at my happiest when I am engaging in one of those activities instead of wasting time being materialistic or worrying about what the next person is doing.  “The best things in life are free.” Amen! 

Aunnie’s baby looks like a cheerleader in this picture.. oh how much I love this little girl.  She is 7 months....time it ticking :/ 

          46 days 
until this girl leaves to go out the country with her best friend!  DOMINICAN REPUBLIC or JAMAICA! TBD within the next two weeks :]
 xoxo, Kbye! 

Friday, May 3, 2013

Curvy Dress $32

Oh how much i loved this dress! It fit me so well and made me feel so glam!  There’s this cute little store in Broadripple called Pitaya and I went with a couple of girlfriends and fell. In. love.  That is now one of my fave places to shop!  They had the floral, classy, vintage swag all up in that store. Check it out! Kbye xo  


Oh. Look what i got delivered to my door this morning!!! How sweet is this? I think im winning. Finally ;)

Outfit for $13 bucks

BoldenBeautiful on a Budget! Dress for $13 bucks!
Gotta love the maxie dresses.
Shoes: Toms 

Correction . . . tuh

Hmmm so I weighed myself this MORNING and I believe this is my accurate weight! Haha so here ya go!


I will post my Day 3 Selfie later. Kbye!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

May Challenge

Alright. It is the beginning of the new month! I’m ready for a challenge.  Are you?! LETS GO.

I sure do hope I finish this one. . .


 Day 1 and 2. Combined!