Monday, June 30, 2014

ma life

Hiiii friends. Happy Monday! Its the beginning of the week..which means its a perfect time to start fresh with your goals and dreams.   I just got my workout in and I am feeling oh so good.  I ended up doing the stairs of course, thats always a nice workout and its like 5 min away from my apartment! Lets see....  Life has been good, I am grateful for each day that the lord has blessed me with.   Here is an update: 
I cut my hair..and it is more curlier than ever. I love it.  Can't wait for it to grow with all the new natural curls :)  #tbc 
My parents celebrated 31 years of LOVE!!!! OH my LORD. God is good.  Thank you for awesome parents and great examples.. I blame them for not settling because their love is real :)

I came over this picture today and thought it was so true. I cant speak for everybody but I find myself thinking about this all the time. “Life will be better when…” fill in the blank! Lol. Its so hard to be content at times because we always think the grass is always greener on the otherside…well, God seriously wants us to enjoy where we are at now. Life is a roller coaster and we are born to survive throughout the trials and tribulations that may occur. With that being said, if you think you struggle with this situation as I do..then maybe some positive self talk should occur in your life. Ill give you some examples.
Neg :Life will be better when I get my masters degree and I can make X amount more money.
Pos: God has blessed me with a job, and at least I am making money.
Neg: Life will be better when I get married, have kids, and start my family.
Pos: There is a plan for my life and I know when it’s my time, it will be
                                                      I love them :)  crazy #Boldtabbs loving  haha