Sunday, September 15, 2013

Hair did. Nail did. Everything did.

Sooo… I am not a huge advocate of the whole “Team Natural” vibe but yes, I have been natural for exactly one year this month.  I just don’t broadcast it as much as I feel the need to.  Going natural for those who don’t know simply means you are not allowing yourself to put any more perms or strong chemicals in your hair that could possibly damage your hair.  With that being said, I have been trying to train my hair to get back to the natural wavy curls that my hair was designed to be before I ever got a perm.   At this point, I have ways to go due to the ends of my hair being straight from the perm that I received over a year ago.  I have been looking at videos and also talking to one of my girlfriends about the process and she gives me ideas and what not to do with my hair.  I tried Bantu Knots out for the first time and it took me about 10 minutes! I parted my hair in sections and instead of braiding my hair…I twisted it and then bobby pinned it up.  When I took it down the next morning, I felt like I had a roller set and it was beautiful.  If you wash your hair and then twist it..the curls will be more defined but if you don’t it will be more biggerJ Check out the pics! xoxo
This was! Isn't she adorable?