Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Always looking up

Whats up friends! This week went by super fast…like its Thursday! Time is flying, please slow down a leeeeetle.  So I will be honest, I am getting lazy with training my hair L I need to look at more youtube videos in order to continue to train these curls.  I was doing a good job but it gets tiring washing and applying product in your hair daily!  I have to remind myself that it will all be worth it when my hair grows out and the curls are poppin ha ha.. seriously, this picture is me everyday…..blah… lol! Attitude and all.

Who runs the world? #curls  



Let go and Live! Ask yourself what is holding you back from being happy?  Sometimes when I feel down, I pull out my journal that I have been writing in since freshman year in college and write in it.  It's my inspirational journal that I write to God and it helps me look back and reflect on how much progress I am making.  It also shows my maturity and growth levels considering I've been journaling since 2007.  Whatever is holding you back, know that it is only temporary and it will get better with time and patience. Remember, every negative thought…replace it with a positive just like I mentioned in my previous post.  Someday it’s gonna make sense, until then spread love wherever you go and smile!

Look at my baby!!!!!! I just love her.