Friday, February 20, 2015

Hi friends!

Happy Friday :) It has been extremely cold in Indiana but I am trying my best not to complain this year because it is very different from last year. Last winter was the worst ever! They shut the city down twice and it was illegal to drive... yep I'll take this cold over last years experience ha...

I started working out with my friend Jerell every single morning in January. It helps because we are literally neighbors and we motivate one another to workout! It's so much easier working out with friends and I mean that!! S/o to Jerellerdooooo!!! I also work out and take classes at LA to change up the scenery because i get bored easily with the same machines.

My daily goal is to burn 500 calories!!!!  I can do it….positive self talk!

I had a really good Valentines! Went to see Mike Epps with some friends and hung with Alex! 

   How are your New Years goals coming along!? I'm still working on mine!!! Leave some comments and let me know. Xoxo, Kbye!