Sunday, November 16, 2014


Hi friends, it is currently Sunday evening around 9ish and I am sitting here reflecting on my weekend and thinking about my life and how blessed I am.  God blessed me with a wonderful family and group of friends.  I turned 26 years old and realized that I am no longer a baby or teenager anymore but am pushing towards my early thirties.  I have bittersweet feelings towards that but ultimately I realize that Life is truly a blessing.   My friends threw a surprise party, went out to dinner, sung karaoke all night, drove 6 hours to rent a cabin in TN, and cooked for me while in the cabin.  My family and I went to Pizzaology on my actual bday, considering pizza is one of Gods best creations and it was so good! When I think about all the beautiful people God has placed in my life, seriously what more can a girl ask for? The best things in life are free. .. 


Love you poo, this birthday was very different without you! Keep watching over me.  We all miss you! 

Chapter 26