Tuesday, July 21, 2015


This has been such a rainy summer but you know what..... I'm kinda enjoying it. This gives me a moment to duck off, pray/ do my devotions, blog and spend qt time  with Alex,  and prepare myself for grad school next month! Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeek

Life has been well... I have been making some major moves in my life as far as purchases and decision making.... Trying to get some of the things I want now in order to have things paid off in the future (my thirties..lol
).  Not only purchases, but also bills that are due that I have accumulated from my sinuses.   I just pray that with age comes more wisdom!

Check out my protective hairstyle that my  friends daughter did for me! She hooked it up and home girl is only 15 years old :) such a sweet sweet girl.

Wait... Did I tell you that this girl will be going to Japan next month?? Like literally!!!  Jeni and  I leave next month and we will be overseas visiting David (my childhood besties brother) we all three are so excited. Definitely a blessing to experience this!

I was talking to my co worker today about dreams.  Yep!...basic dreams and how powerful dreams can be due to your last few things you think about before you go to sleep.  The mind is a crazy thing and if you go to sleep with something on your mind, those thoughts can easily be triggered into your dreams considering they’re in your conscious.  I remember at a young age my dad would yell at me and say “don’t go to sleep listening to all that wordly music” because those lyrics, intentions, and traps can easily get into your dreams.  The best way to sleep peacefully is to clear your conscious by thinking about what your peaceful visualization place is before you go to sleep.  What makes you happy?  Who makes you happy?  Where are you at?  What does the noise sound like at your happy place….think on those things!   Example: Jesus and or the beach lbs !!!!! I love the sound of the water, the waves, wind, birds, and soft music playing.  Think on those things to create more positive, uplifting dreams. Alright I'm done with my social work lecture. Ha! 


Side note: I can't wait to pass my blog down to my kids one day! That is my motivation to blog about my life so one day they can learn about their mama while she was traveling through her twenties.  Xoxo, kbye!