Thursday, March 27, 2014


Hi friends, Well… I have been on a roller coaster as far as my health.   My sinus infection that I once blogged about  a month ago…..turned into non allergic rhinitis which is a miserable miserable condition of the allergies.  Seriouly, it felt like I was punched in the face 5x all day with the amount of pressure I was dealing with in my sinuses. It was unreal, talk about painful.   Bless my mothers heart because I was soooo emotional because I wanted my health back!!!!!!    I went to my family doctor 3x, ER, and then the ENT (ear, nose, throat) doctor which finally helped me ease the pain and symptoms!  I am grateful for Gods healing over my body and the amount of prayers that I have received! #wonthedoit

Last weekend, I was able to volunteer at Wheeler Mission.  I cooked and served dinner to women and children of all ages who have been either emotionally or physically abused.  It was a wonderful experience and I am glad I am continuing to work on my New Year resolution goal of “serving others”.  When you look for ways to help others, you don't get caught up worrying about yourself.  

Wah. I noticed I didn’t even blog about my experience to the Bahamas last month.  It was a great and I am so ready for my next vacation lol!  I was so nervous the first hour of boarding due to it being my first cruise but I had the time of my life.  We celebrated one of my best friends birthday! She turned 25 years old,  and we have been friends for 20 years :] what a blessing! Check out the pics.  Kbye! Xo

Remember he said that our latter days will be greater than our former days :) :) <3 <3