Sunday, July 15, 2018

Nick's Nursery

Nickerson Timothy, we have 12 weeks until we get to kiss and love all on you!  

Week 28

Nick, you have been giving mama some interesting dreams lately. I wanted to document this one on your blog so we both can remember it.

I had a dream that I was underwater.. and I was swimming with a whale. Lol sounds cray! But My emotions were everywhere, I also realized in that moment in the dream that I was safe. I was able to research the interpretation of the dream and it was BEAUTIFUL.

Whale dreams:

I also had a dream that a banana was trying to eat me. What in the world! A banana! But the banana didn’t eat me lol and that’s the positive of the dream. I also had to research this dream also.  Check out the meaning below.

Banana dreams:

All in all, although the dreams were uncomfortable  in my sleep it brought beauty into my life knowing the meaning of those dreams and how God is speaking to me in the mist of discomfort.