Tuesday, January 2, 2018

2018, Whats up!

First of all, thank you GOD for keeping me and loving me unconditionally. Without you, I am nothing and I love you! Secondly, there has been some beautiful things happening in my life and I will forever praise your name for the things that you have transpired.  I am so blessed that you removed those things and people that were not of God and have placed those who draw me closer to you.  2017, was a good year!  I grew spiritually, traveled to Europe, got engaged and celebrated our love with mi papa, began my internship for my therapy license, slowly started a photography journey, went to MIA and Bruno Mars, worked and attended my 10-year high school reunion, hung with amazing people, spent time with my family and grandparents, laughed, loved, and lived.  I also continued my health journey and worked out all throughout those tidbits of my life.  I am thanking you God for such an amazing year and I am excited to see how 2018 will transpire.  I will forever put you first and will seek you when I need guidance because you’re my father.  My 2018 goals.in a nutshell.

Throw an enjoyable wedd/reception
Finish and become and Licensed Mental Health Therapist

Use my calendar and not my phone
Practice self-care

Comment below if you have any prayer request going into 2018!  Happy New Year, God Bless ya. Xo

                          Be Bold, Be loving, Be YOU..2018