Sunday, September 11, 2016

Sunday's reflection notes....

Jonah 2:7
                      Today I'm coming out of this ALIVE

Have you ever made a bad decision?  

God transformed you and your bad decision. God wants you to live a little longer. He wants you to experience his grace. You CANT experience that unless you go through a bad decision that can almost take you out.

Our decision making is a narration of our destination. God can transform you on the way. God doesn't have to destroy you to develop you.

We can't experience his grace unless we make a bad decision.

Every baker knows that batter is not the cake. It may taste good-- but that's not the cake. Whatever you're experiencing,  praise God for the batter. Cakes are developed in HEAT 🔥 the more heat, the more development.

Jonah had to learn that God is not a mean father. God wanted to develop him through a storm. The storm was not trying to destroy Jonah, it was trying to develop him to get closer to GOD.

God will recalculate your roots for a time out of prayer.  

Don't wait for your break through, praise him RIGHT now. Let everything that has breath  praise the LORD. Even though you haven't heard from him....he still should hear from you.

He's about to open a door 🙏🏽 walk through it!

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Vintage + Thrifting = Happiness

So lately my girl D and I have been going thrifting every first Saturday of the month!  It has been an amazing experience and I have purchased a ton of stuff.  Normally, I would spend around $20 bucks on just one shirt at the mall… but when I visit the thrift store, I can get about 6 shirts for that price!  AHHH so amazing.  Here are some of my tips when going thrifting…

Clear out your schedule for the entire morning/mid afternoon

Eat breakfast before you go 

Carry a light purse to have your hands free

Go with a friend and know each other taste in clothes!  Saves time

Try items on if you can and take a nice bath afterwards haha

Plan out outfits, be unique and vintage with your styles

Wash the clothes immediately after your $plurging

Check out the outfits that I have purchased already from the Goodwill!  Stayed tuned for more

Make ur NEXT STOP-  the Thrift shop : - )