Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Vintage + Thrifting = Happiness

So lately my girl D and I have been going thrifting every first Saturday of the month!  It has been an amazing experience and I have purchased a ton of stuff.  Normally, I would spend around $20 bucks on just one shirt at the mall… but when I visit the thrift store, I can get about 6 shirts for that price!  AHHH so amazing.  Here are some of my tips when going thrifting…

Clear out your schedule for the entire morning/mid afternoon

Eat breakfast before you go 

Carry a light purse to have your hands free

Go with a friend and know each other taste in clothes!  Saves time

Try items on if you can and take a nice bath afterwards haha

Plan out outfits, be unique and vintage with your styles

Wash the clothes immediately after your $plurging

Check out the outfits that I have purchased already from the Goodwill!  Stayed tuned for more

Make ur NEXT STOP-  the Thrift shop : - )

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