Friday, May 3, 2013

Curvy Dress $32

Oh how much i loved this dress! It fit me so well and made me feel so glam!  There’s this cute little store in Broadripple called Pitaya and I went with a couple of girlfriends and fell. In. love.  That is now one of my fave places to shop!  They had the floral, classy, vintage swag all up in that store. Check it out! Kbye xo  


Oh. Look what i got delivered to my door this morning!!! How sweet is this? I think im winning. Finally ;)

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  1. That a nice dress. Usually fashion experts say no to horizontal stripes because it could make you look wider but the way stripes are positioned inside a black outline it makes it sleek and brings out your figure.

    That's something H&M would carry if they wweren't H&M. lol You put together a High fashion look at a low fashion price. Can't beat that when shopping.


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