Monday, January 21, 2013

Chiiiiiiii Town

Chicago, you’re so beautiful! I had so much fun yesterday.   I went to visit a church that my father absolutely loves and it was a good service.  Once church was over we went site seeing! I just love big cities and the uniqueness of visiting different downtown areas.  The older I get, history becomes more fascinating to me.  

Parking is extremely overwhelming in Chicago.  We went to Gino’s pizza and it cost 8 bucks to park across the street! I am spoiled because parking in Indianapolis (where I live) is 1.50 for an hour to park.  Gino’s pizzeria was a nice restaurant.  The decorations made me feel like I was in France. Beautiful  baby! Check it out! Kbye

 Just a city girl! 

How cute are my parents!? xoxo

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  1. What beautiful pictures (and super attractive parents)! Glad you had an amazing time! You looked Gorge!

    Thanks for sharing!



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