Saturday, January 12, 2013


Stop, Drop, Pause

Yes, that's right.. I am a crazy zumba fan.  Zumba for those who don't know is a Latin inspired dance fitness program. It is SO much fun!  I took my first class with my sister last year and fell in LOVE.  It was like going to the club..but better because there were no men in my class. Sorry guys if you do go to disrespect. Just being honest...but the set up of the class is perfect in my book.  All I need is a dance studio, the lights kind of dim,  a cute instructor, a water bottle of course, and a class full of folks ready to twerk!

Zumba makes you  feel sexy while burning off the calories at the same time..Everyone is in their own leeeetle worlds,  just groovin to the music.  With that being said, my sister is already an instructor and we are going to partner up together and start our own class sessions as soon as I audition.  Sexy Zumba Sisters? yes please.   She loves Zumba just as much as I do and we are so excited!! 

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