Friday, April 19, 2013

sweeeet life

Oh hello Friday! How soon we meet again :] no. seriously, these weeks are flying by! I am shocked that we are in the middle of April.   Life has been good lately, really good.

Lets see....

I took my little cousin to the zoo a couple weeks ago and she had the time of her life!  My friend came along with me too and it’s been nice to rekindle a friendship that has been lost for awhile.   Oh man, we so goofy!

I fell in love with a Japanese restaurants and chicken Hibachi.. yum.  The show is always so exciting to watch when they cook.  its the little things :]


We celebrated my dads birthday!.  Big 53 !  blessed to have him as my father, he is a great example of what I should look for in a husband.  (deliverance) :]

I love shopping! But only on the clearance racks or at thrift stores.  I am everything on Goodwill’s, Plato’s Closets, Shoppers World wherever!  You can still look good while shopping smart!

I am going to start putting my outfits on my blog soon and how much I paid for stay tuned!!! Kbye!

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