Sunday, June 30, 2013

Chicago Passport're wonderful

Hello Friends,

 I am relaxing at Fountain Square inside the library.  I am anxious and excited because in 4 days this girl will be in JAMAICA! I am so excited because this is my first time out of the country. 

I wasn’t always excited about the vacation because I had some issues applying for my passport.  I applied for my passport 6 weeks before my vacation date.  I thought that would be more than enough time and I would be good to go! I applied May 21 for my passport and received a letter in my mailbox June 18th. WHAAAAAT?! June 18th……. I leave for Vacation July 1st.  I had no time for complications.

  The letter stated that they could not process my passport application because my parents name was not listed on my birth certificate.  I was born in Maryland and I had no issues with my birth certificate prior to this incident. 

I immediately called my best friend who I was going on the trip with.  She received her passport just fine. No letters, no calls, no nothing. It came in the mail and it was a peaceful experience for her.  We both applied for our passports the same day at the same post office. Gurrrrr! We both were grateful for knowing why my passport didn’t come in the mail. 

Now, this is when my mixed emotions came into place.  I was feeling anxious, overwhelmed, prayerful, optimistic, and pessimistic, with a pinch of hope on top of it all.  We spent money on the flight as well as the resort and I was getting ready to hustle hard to get my passport.   If you know me, you know that I will remain positive through any situation but this one was extremely annoying to deal with…but aye I’m a hustler, I’m a hustler. 

I had to call the 1800 passport number every time I wanted to speak to the Chicago Passport Agency, where they told me my suspended birth certificate was located. The customer service representatives would not give me the number to Chicago agency and that was discouraging.  I finally spoke to a manager and she told me she will put in a request for a Chicago agency manager to call me.  Time passed, and the manager called me the next day.  The manager was extremely helpful and told me that I needed to request a new birth certificate and to either bring it to Chicago or Fed Ex it to them.  Of course, I told her I wanted to bring it to Chicago. “Ask about me, ask about me… I’m a hustler”. Lol! (I was not laughing or singing during all this chaos, as I am in this blog.  AT least you know it ended well)   She told me once I have my birth certificate to bring it to the facility and to go to the suspense department.  I called Maryland instantly and got my birth certificate mailed to me within 2 to 3 business days. While waiting on my birth certificate, I looked up information about the Chicago Passport Agency.  I had questions….. For instance, if I need to set an appointment…..will I get my passport instantly…. They did not answer any of my questions and that was the worst feeling ever.  I read blogs.  I went to and they were very helpful with reviews about the agency.  I did this for 3 days until my birth certificate came in the mail on Monday June 24th. *Happy Dance* The next morning, my dad and I booked it to Chicago without an appointment at 5:30 a.m.   I was confident that I would still be helped without one due to me being one of the first people in line.

 I walked in.. passed through all the security…. and found out that I DID NOT need an appointment for the Chicago Passport Agency.  I hope this will help someone in the future who is reading this blog.  The key is to get there early and that is exactly what I did.  They took my new birth certificate and said it would be ready within a couple of hours.  I was grateful because I thought they were going to tell me they would mail it to me and expedite it (which cost extra money).  Thank you Lord for favor!  My dad and I hung out in Chicago which is 3 hours away from Indianapolis and all of my mixed emotions and passport drama came to an end.  I wrote a positive review about the Chicago agency for great customer service! Shout out to my cousin for helping me through this process as well.   Check out my pictures of my mixed emotions below.  Xoxo Kbye!

             Waiting on my birth certificate in the mail....

 Driving to Chicago!!!!! 

The Line...without an appointment.  *crosses fingers*

             My awesome Daddy! He drove with me to Chicago and was so supportive.  I love him!

Passport is in my hand!
                                      At last....whewww.

Peaceful boat ride to my car! Goodbye for now, Chicago


  1. I am about to apply for my passport later this year because I plan to take a cruise and eventually some time next year, I plan on going to Africa. I've heard so many horror stories about this process that I wanted to make sure I got it months before I started planning on going anywhere.

    I hope you have fun on your cruise. After all of this, you definitely deserve it! (:

  2. Crazy story!!!! A lot to be said about remaining positive and trusting God to work it all out.


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