Saturday, July 20, 2013

You a bad girl and yo friends bad too

Seeing Beyonce live was an experience I will cherish forever.  She is such a wonderful performer and puts her all into every concert.  I remember her taking a moment and watching the crowd clap for her and I then noticed how humble and appreciative she was of her fans.  She got the crowd involved and would let those close to her sing into the microphone.  It was amazing!!! Then she saw a man almost pass out because she let him sing in the microphone and reached for the biggest hug ever! She is wonderful and I hope to see her in concert again.  We did not want that 2 hour concert to end….selfish right? Lol. I had so much fun with the girls and Nashville was beautiful! Check out the pictures!  We were so corny to make t-shirts but we got a lot of attention off them! lol...folks were coming up to us requesting to take pics with us and our awesome t-shirts.  we baddd :)  Xoxo Kbye!

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  1. Indeed this girl is an awesome performer and I'm sure she didn't disappoint. Beyonce is phenomenal!

    Cute shirts!


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