Tuesday, October 15, 2013


Hi frans,

It has been a while.  Life has been really good and busy at the same time.  I enjoy staying busy because I don’t have time to think about unnecessary things that will fall into place.  Life is better when we don’t trip right? 

I ran my first race ever and it was amazing.  It was a 5K Color Me Rad race and as you were running they threw color at you made out of cornstarch.  I jogged the entire thing and I am super excited to run the Turkey Run on Thanksgiving Day with some friends.


 So I know I am not the only one to admit this but sometimes when you graduate from school you don’t care to see some of your peers face’s again?  Well, I have seen a lot of old faces and it was surprisingly a good thing.  I saw a lot of high and middle school friends that I have not seen since graduation on different occasions.  A girlfriend of mine threw a birthday party for her and her husband and it was a high school reunion for some of us.  It was a beautiful celebration and I am glad I went! 

Another friend of mine is in town from the army and threw a couple of kickbacks (parties) and I was able to see a ton of middle school friends and it was refreshing to see how well everyone was doing.



We were grooving! This is like half of the New Augusta 8th grade cheer-leading squad haha
I was also able to go to the range and man o man…..that was an experience.  SO many emotions within 1 hour that I encountered and to successfully overcome a fear of mine was amazing.  I shot a gun! lol, im lame but when I first walked in…I was scared, and then I got in the back and learned how to work the glock and I was intimated, and then I was fearful of the way the guns reinforcement would feel on my shoulders lol, and then I was fighting with myself because if I didn’t pull the trigger I would have been upset for having the opportunity and not doing it.

Lilly learned how to walk.  LORD, be with us because she is busy and curious but she is super adorable!!!!!!   She turned 1 and we celebrated her birthday and had a huge turn up because we love her so much.

My girlfriend from college turned 25 years old and we went to dinner and road around the town in a limo.  It was a beautiful celebration and I am glad I attended.

LAST but not least, I am going back to JAMAICA for my birthday in 4 weeks.  I am so excited and we are going to have so much fun again.  AHHH!  I love staying busy and active. Comment below and tell me any fun plans or thoughts you may have planned for yourself. Xoxo kbye!

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