Tuesday, February 11, 2014

37 days til Spring!

Hi guys! Happy Tuesday :] I am feeling a lot better today thank GOD.  I have been under the weather dealing with a sinus cold and I am taking immune system boosters trying to get back to feeling 100%.   I blame it on the cold considering we have been dealing with -12 degree weather! Wah. Luckily, I will be heading to Miami next week and going on a cruise to the Bahamas for my girls 25th birthday.  I am so excited to do nothing and enjoy the sunshine haha.  I almost forgot what it feels like!

Sooooo I cut the perm off my hair! I cut about 5 inches and that is a huge deal for me.  I’ve always had long hair but I feel like 2014 is all about change for the better.  I am enjoying the new look and I actually like having short hair.  Now my hair will be a lot curlier when I wash it and wear it down. Check out the pics!  

 A picture before the cut!

Look at this cutie pie! We had fun coloring last weekend.  I love her so much! She is learning new words and is now calling my mom “mimi”.  We are trying to teach her to say “mi-ma” but babies will pick their own nicknames to call you! She definitely has Aunnie down :] haha! Comment below and tell me how you are doing! Kbye xoxo


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