Thursday, January 7, 2016

It's a wrap 2015  

Hola amigos!  Happy New year to you!!!! I am currently reflecting 2015 and the ups and downs that it has brought me. Overall, I can say that it has been a challenging but good year filled with much growth. The hardest thing about the end of 2014, going into 2015 was losing my best friend Alex Carrington Hobbs. I never imagined losing a close friend at such a young age but  it's encouraging to me that he is watching over me along with all his other family members and friends. He was such a blessing to many and he definitely touched many lives! We love you A!


Some of the positives that I would like to point out  is getting the opportunity to visit my friend (basically family) in Tokyo! That was such an amazing experience and I definitely want to go back. I love Jeni and David so much! When friends turn into family>.... because they have been in my life ever since I was a baby!

I  am proud of myself for getting back in school and working towards my license in Mental Health counseling. Honestly, I tried to avoid this field.. because of the amount of stress that it brings but God gives us a purpose while on this earth and I realized that helping individuals with their holistic health is my purpose!

Another highlight of 2015 is dating Alexander Nyirendah :) wow wiii. When I say God works in mysterious ways honey... God works! Lol. We both laugh because our relationship was totally unplanned and unthought of but God blessed us with a special connection that I have yet to experience with any person. We both connect. We  help each other grow spiritually and mentally and that's important to have within a relationship. I love that fact that we go to church together and strive to be Christ like in such a dark world. I also enjoy his spontaneous always on the go personality! He always has a date or event planned and if you know me.. I function well with planned fun events! It's extremely therapeutic to have a social life and fun events planned in your life... We call that self care in the mental health field world ;)  I am forever grateful for him and Noah.. they have brought lots of happiness and Joy in my life.


I can't forget about nephew being born. WHY IS HE SOOOOO CUTE!? I seriously love him and Lilly so much. They are my bestie.. and they know it ;)

Something fun that I did this year was model for local clothing boutiques.. Never imagined doing that but a friend wanted me to help her and I ended up loving it. It's a great feeling for a girl to get glam by dressing up and getting pretty and that's exactly why I do it. I also enjoy meeting new girls and getting to know them!


Quick goals in 2016:

 Grow spiritually

Volunteer more

Eliminate distractions



Stay tuned for details about my New Years vacation with My cousins! We cruised to Mexico ;) details to come.

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