Tuesday, January 8, 2013

My circle

I am crazy in love with my circle.  If you know me, then you know I love hard!  My family means the world to me and my girlfriends have it all together. no seriously.  I keep positive people around me for a reason because it helps me stay positive as well! My sister and I believe our family should have our own reality TV show because we are hilarious.  My mother would definitely be Kris Jenner off of the Kardashians...she wants to know every single thing my sister and I discuss and it's so funny because we don't tell her.  My dad is a funny character too, he adds his dry humor in our conversations that makes us all laugh.  My awesome brother in law and sister just had a BEAUTIFUL little girl that I am completely obsessed with.  Her name is Lillian Grace  and she has made us all so happy! Get used to the name "Bug" because that is what we call her because of her little body and big eyes! K bye
Meet my family! 

                                                         Here are my best girlfriends!


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