Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The New Normal ?

I took a screenshot of my tweet yesterday because I am passionate about this topic.  For those who don’t know about Twitter..it is another social network that allows you to express yourself without seeing a timeline full of pictures.  If you’re on twitter, you should follow me @BoldenBeautiful.  I will follow you back as long as you don’t tweet inappropriate things:]

 Talking on the phone is greater than texting. This generation is obsessed with texting! Myself included lol. My mom even notices and says comments like “where is the intimacy today?  Your father and I used to stay on the phone for hours when we were younger and we never wanted to hang up.”  I can’t even argue back because she is correct!  I made a vow to myself that the next relationship I enter…will not be consumed with text messages.  Text messaging should be used for emergencies or just thinking about you during the day resources.  If it's a serious topic.. I want to hear your voice.  That goes for my best girlfriends too! My family has zero problems calling me..lol!  What are your thoughts on this topic?  Can you keep a spicy relationship via text messaging? Kbye!

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  1. Yeah this is my third time trying to comment so hopefully there isn't 15 post later! I totally agree, I enjoy getting a phone call over a text most of the time! But sometimes I'm unable to talk so it makes it easier. Just imagine the next generation.... whoa


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