Monday, January 28, 2013

Weekend fun!

Hi friends! I had such a relaxed weekend filled with friends and family.  My girlfriends from college came into town and I met her childhood best friend! It was such a good time.  We all went over our girl Jordan’s house and literally had some wine and danced like we were 13 years old. I love my girls and cherish every moment with them.

Sunday was very relaxed as well! We went to visit my sister’s church and I definitely enjoyed the service.  He preached about the importance of paying tithes with the correct attitude as well.  I always feel good about paying tithes and it was beneficial to hear his perspective on it. Oh my gosh check out Bug! I have the cutest niece ever. 

My pretty girl friends!

My little cousinKayla came to church with us too! She is adorable and has the sweetest heartever.  She was a big help today andactually helped me with one of my projects. I purchased this item where I can display my jewelryand it came out sooooooo cute!

This is the inconvenient container that I was using….

This is what I purchased!!

I had so much fun this weekend:) Hope you did too! Today is a big day for me, I start my new job as a social worker! KBye! 


  1. Hey girlie, I found your blog through the above lady (Mrs. Tabb)....and I am your newest follower. I love that jewelry holder! I need one for myself!

    Well I hope you have a great Friday!


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