Tuesday, January 8, 2013

You make ALL things new


New year, new me! I actually hate when people say that because whenever new years eve rolls around my Facebook's timeline is filled with crazies expressing how much weight they will lose or what diet they will be doing for the entire year.  Ok, I am all about goals but some of those statuses are ridiculous! Anyway, there are some things that I want to improve on this year..and I would say they are realistic. 

-Keep God first

-Work on my fitness and health

- Think before I speak

-Continue to be a light in this dark world 

-Stay out of my feelings 

-Make devotions a priority

-Pay student loans back with a smile 

-Keep my heels, head, and standards high

-Blog through my twenties 

I am excited to tackle these resolutions! I am all about self improvement..i just need to focus on them one by one. Did you accomplish any of your resolutions yet? :) Kbye!


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