Sunday, February 10, 2013


Hi friends! 
It’s Sunday evening and I am straight chillen.  I am excited to watch the Grammy’s in an hour and the Kardashians comes on as well.  I am kind of torn in between the two shows haha:] #shamefulKardashianFan. 

Church was really good today! I was excited because my cousin and her two kids came with me.   This Sunday my pastor talked about “leftovers.”   Leftovers are unpleasant memories from the past that we have been through that we may try to erase or clear out… when really we should take those memories and be grateful for them because of how far the Lord has brought us. 

I enjoyed hearing this message today and it was definitely uplifting! We can’t forget how far the Lord has brought us even if we think are down in the dumps.

Oh yeah Day 10, my annoying little puppy! I love this girl  

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