Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Tuesday blogin lovin

Happy Tuesday Friends! It is currently 2pm and I am counting down the hours until I go on a mini vacation this weekend!!! We are celebrating one of my girlfriends birthday in Atlanta! She will be 24 years old….yikes! We are getting old out here LOL. 

Lately I have been shopping for spring colors because I am so over the winter.  I have been falling for the mint green, beige, and peach colors! They are so warm and soft on my complexion and it’s a great look! 


Obviously I am so excited for spring to get here!!!!! Have you been wearing any new colors lately?   Oh yes, February challenge.  Now I see why its called a “challenge” :-]

 Day 19: A collage of my 6 year old cousin and I.  This past week was his birthday and he said “Lele all I want is a cup of hot coco and to light a fire”.  How cute was that?  K bye! Xoxo                                                                                                    

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