Sunday, March 3, 2013

Sunday :)

Oh hi!

I am so high off life right now because God is good to those who are faithful.  Lately I have been thinking about how good he has been to me and it amazes me.  Even when I shouldn't deserve it he continues to bless my life. 

Literally this picture is how i am feeling in life..I am on “Rock Star” mode!

This year I have been doing such a great job at paying tithes.  I struggled with this topic for so long and now I understand that when you don’t pay tithes you’re stealing from the Lord.  We all want blessings and favor from the Lord right?? so we must continue to pay tithes….with a SMILE and he will bless us in return.   Since I started paying tithes, I have seen so many new doors open and I finally landed a great position that's within my degree!!!!!!! Remember 10% of your check is what we should be giving to our church.

I have:

Purchased Beyonce Tickets and Mike Epps
Went to Atlanta with my girlfriends for Jeni’s birthday
Purchased tickets for color me rad marathon.
Got 2 free international tickets for the future due to my plane being OVERBOOKED…now that’s favor!!!!!
I also think it’s important to plant seeds in other people’s lives and I have been able to do that by the grace of God.

Now that is only 5 things…the Lord has been good to me and I could make a list of 100 things. 

Check out this picture… my feelings are on “off” mode.  Yes! I am at a place where i am no longer hurt or sad about any situations that I have been through because he is ordering my steps for my future and I am so grateful!..and honestly so many people are dealing with some serious sickness and diseases and we think our problems are the worst.  Tuh!? I had a reality check. 

Well I just wanted to share some of my happiness with you! I need to get dressed and head to the Pacers vs Bulls game tonight with Jordan! I love Indianapolis and I love this will be a good game:) 

Check out these pictures from Atlanta! We thought we were BAD ;) 

Maybe I'm a dreamer.... xoxo

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