Tuesday, March 5, 2013

"New Year, New Me" haha

Hi Friends!

How are those New Year resolutions coming along?  Has anyone reached any of their goals?  Comment on my blog and tell me how it’s going.  I would love to hear from you!  I will update you on my progress so far. 

Below are my 2013 resolutions.  I will write underneath it and tell you my latest updates!!

-Keep God first
I love God and will always keep him first

-Work on my fitness and health
I wore a high-waist belly shirt..I must feel some type of way about myself ;) haha! It was very cute.  I am taking vitamins and working on my fitness just fine!

- Think before I speak
I am doing better at this.  I have improved a lot.  Sometime my honesty can be too much for some people..But I want to be honest and I want the same in return.

-Continue to be a light in this dark world 
There is so much darkness in the world. GOSH! With the help of my family and friends I am continuing to shine and be an example.  Don’t get me wrong…I am nowhere near perfect.  God is!

-Stay out of my feelings
My feelings are on off mode :] Thank ya Jesus I am over one of the most hardest situations I had to experience last year by the goodness of the Lord.

-Make devotions a priority
Yikes.  I am guilty! Not doing too hot on this.  I go to church every Wednesday and Sunday and I am involved but what am I doing other than attending church and paying tithes? Nothing.  I need to read the bible more. . . . .

-Pay student loans back with a smile 
Yes…I called and you will get your money back April 1st.  If I could send you the emoji punch face right now I would.

-Keep my heels, head, and standards high
I am doing excellent at this. I am not settling for anything due to loneliness! I can't

-Blog through my twenties 
I love blogging! Love Love Love it

Overall I am doing fairly well…I still have a lot to improve on!

This morning my sister wrote me the sweetest letter.  I love her so much! I hope you all have a great day today and don’t forget to tell me how you’re doing with your goals and New Year resolutions. Kbye! xoxo

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