Monday, January 27, 2014


Hey beautiful friends, I had an eventful day today!  I was able to see some of my clients, I played with my beautiful niece, and my girl invited me to a boot camp class that was so intense! It felt so good to workout and burn some calories considering this winter has been entirely too cold to work out.  With that being said, I have lost 14lbs because I have shivered the weight off and my appetite has been poor.  I am supposed to work out again on Wednesday at 530am, ahhhh pray for me and that early class! I know it will be beneficial for me knowing I got my workout in!  Plus I need to get ready for the cruise next month. Yessssss.


Well I finally moved in my apartment downtown! I love it and I am so excited to decorate the apartment with my friend of 20 years who is now my roomie.  It is very nice to live with her because we challenge each other to grow and strive to become more Christ like.  I can tell God is working in our lives and we are excited for this journey and new chapter. 


I think it’s safe to say that this is the most single and independent that I have ever been in my life. AND I am ok with that.  Its crazy because I have always been courting or talking to someone and I think God has revealed to me that personal growth is important before entering into a relationship.  I have enjoyed this time because I have been able to stay busy by serving others and putting God first in my life.  I have promised myself that I will not enter into a relationship unless we are equally yoked.  I want God to be the center of my relationship.  I want his approval and I don’t want to just go off my emotions.  It will happen on his time! Until then, I am content with traveling, serving, and spending time with my awesome family and girlfriends.  


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