Thursday, January 9, 2014

Its my Blogiversary

Happy Anniversary

Alright you guys!!! I am so shocked to announce that I have been blogging for exactly 1 year now.  Happy blogiversary to me!  Thank you to all who have supported me by reading, commenting, and following my journey as I walk through my twenties. I have thoroughly enjoyed blogging!  It is a good way to express myself and it will always be my personal space on the web.


For my blogiversary, my sister redesigned my blog and I absolutely love it!  Thank you sissstah :]  I also wanted to shout out and thank my sister for encouraging me to blog.. Time flies when you’re having fun!


Feel free to follow my blog by clicking “Join this site” on the left hand side of your screen.   Also if you want to keep up with me on instagram my name is BoldenBeautifull. 


Thanks again!! lovelovelove

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